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Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Climbing Bukit Panau

Note: This article was made Tuesday in Sik, Kedah after the all-Malay version for CATATAN SI MERAH SILU was completed in Baling on Monday.

Bukit Panau, the legendary hill in Kelantan.

Let me be brief... I'm running out of time as I planned to go to Langgar, Kedah this afternoon. And I'm also very tired because of travelling here and there for over a week including walking for miles, if summed up I feel not less than 30km!

Bukit Panau is situated in the province of Tanah Merah, Kelantan. Among old local folks, it is famous as a place for people of old to polish their martial skills apart from doing meditations. In fact some believe, Bukit Panau is actually the Bukit Pancalusa mentioned in the old Malay text Hikayat Hang Tuah as one of the place where Admiral Hang Tuah learnt the art of war, it is said from a master named Adi Putra.

According to certain sources, Adi Putra is also known as Sheikh Samman or Sayyid Thanauddin who is one of the members of Wali Tujuh (the seven saints). The group headed by an Ahlul Bait, a progeny of Prophet Muhammad SAW by the name of Sayyid Hussein Jamadil Kubra is estimated to have arrived at the Malay lands in the 14 century AD or so.

There are people who said, Bukit Panau was also the place of residence of Puteri Sa'adong, the famous princess in Kelantanese folklore. Others said, Puteri Sa'adong actually lived at Bukit Marak (I don' know where it is), while some said she did stay at Bukit Marak before moving on to Bukit Panau.

Maybe the princess followed the footsteps of her adopted mum Chek Siti Wan Kembang who used to lived in Tanah Merah, in an old country known as Tanah Sekebun Bunga Cherang Tenggayong before 'retiring' to the Gunung Stong, Gunung Ayam area at Ulu Kelantan? Whatever, let me just tell the easy part... About how I felt while climbing up the 234-metre high legendary hill!

Upon arriving at Tanah Merah by the 5.30am train from Gua Musang, I was immediately halted by a taxi driver... He asked where do I want to go, I said Bukit Panau. How much is the fare? RM12. I answered back, there's no need, let me just find a bus... It's different if the fare is shared with others as I have to cut down cost...

I was about to leave the train station area... At once the taxi driver called, there are others going there too, but only up to the villages at the foot of the hill. I just followed... To cut a long story short, I was left at the foothill before starting the climb.

Actually, my stamina is not that strong as it's been a while since I did any sports... My age is also approaching 40 and I'm actually not that well because of certain disturbances, no need to elaborate what are the disturbances.

Thank God, I still have the strong spirit and some 'old folks' tips' practiced which makes me able to take a huge amount of physical and mental load... At least could continue the climb although my breathing is starting to go heavy.

Just looking at such a steep route like this can break one's spirit from continuing the climb especially when one's breathing is starting to get out of pace...

Thank you God, the climb goes on... About 15-20 minutes later, arrived at the transmission station marking the summit is near...

From the station, I was urged to take a path to the right until arriving at a steep hillside with a magnificent view of Sungai Kelantan... Truly this is God's doing! Praise be to God!

Look at this! Beautiful isn't it?

When the steep hill-side is examined, it is apparent the rocks have been colourfully painted... Feels like the job of some Hindu adherents who wants to worship something. I got the opportunity to do the Dhuha (Islamic optional pre-afternoon prayer) using the wudhuk (ritual purification by water) performed earlier at a pool near the foothill.

This small transmission tower marks the actual summit of Bukit Panau. Enough ya!


kak mah said...

First time massuk your website.Thanks for the views from top of Bukit Panau.Splendid hots.Recently i happen to pass by the hill and i was informed that the hill was a landmark used by the chinese traders long ago when they went upriver.

kak mah said...

i mean splendid shots

jijan said...

i got the opportunity to climb this hill because i am doing a transmission network project for digi.... This hill awesome!

jejak said...

so what u got from there mr merah silu..

plz share more as i aspect that u'll story abt mystical things or something like that form ur hill climbing. seriously i hate to see those transmission towers on that historical 'holy' site.

just that only??

Radzi Sapiee said...

Itu saja le yang saya dapat. Masuk angin keluar asap. Nak bab mistik tanya le orang lain. Banyak hapa orang yang dah keluar masuk alam jin alam bunian turun naik langit ketujuh. Saya hapa ada. Maka janganlah buang masa tanya saya benda macam ni. Saudara pun lebih terror daripada saya nampaknya. Jadi tak payah le baca blogspot saya lagi. Baca le blogspot orang yang lagi terror.

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