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Monday, March 12, 2007

Pictures in Muar 3

Peace be upon you dear readers. Here, I want to place some more pictures of Muar for all to see. Actually this is done so that my dear friend the editor of the Malay tabloid Kencana can just enter this blogspot and choose whicever pictures he deems fit for the latest segment of "Laksamana pulang ke Perak" (Admiral returns to Perak) in the publication... Sort of doing work on-line eh? Anyway do have a look. Most of the pictures are taken in and around Bukit Treh, some 5km from Muar town centre... For a reason though...

Picture of Muar town taken from the food court area near the bus station at Bentayan.

This is Bukit Treh which is quite famous among the Muar town's folks, the one and only hill within 5km radius from the town centre. It is not that high, perhaps not even 100 feet tall. Watch closely, behind all the bushes and greenery is the shape of an overturned ship. Perhaps it's true what the locals say, the legend of Si Tanggang (or another character with similar storyline?) where a son who betrayed his parents was cursed to stone along with the contents of his ship did happen here?

The water treatment facility at the foot of Bukit Treh.

Ruins of an old wall at the foot of Bukit Treh.

A closer view of the ruin.

The pipe connecting the old water treatment facility (from the time of the British colonialisation, pre Malaysian-independence of 1957) at the top of Bukit Treh to the nearby area.

The current Bukit Treh water treatment facility and the old wall ruins seen from the hillside.

The steps up Bukit Treh which began halfway on top.

The old British era water treatment centre on top of Bukit Treh.

The water treatment building seen from a different angle.

The tower of the old water treatment facility.

An old tomb at the foot of Bukit Treh. Not many people, not even the locals knew of the existence of the old tomb which is said to belong to a princess of olden days. The tale goes, the princess is the third wife of the character called Si Tanggang who betrayed his parents. The kind-hearted princess advised her husband to accept his parents regardless of how ugly or unkempt they looked or their poor origins (read the story. Si Tanggang was born in a jungle to poor parents. He left them to see the world and became rich and famous. That's why he is ashamed to acknowledge his roots). Too bad, the princess also had to suffer the curse inflictied on Si Tanggang for his refusal to acknowledge the two poor-looking folk who came to his ship as his real parents.

The mosque of Kampung Bukit Treh. In the background, near the bushes seen behind the mosque tower lies the old tomb said to belong to a royal princess.

The mosque of Bukit Treh seen from a different angle.

The mosque of Kampung Temiang which is situated some 1km from the mosque of Kampung Bukit Treh. The two villages lie side by side but Bukit Treh itself is situated within the perimeters of Kampung Temiang.
Kampung Temiang is my mother's village. It was also known as Kampung Tok Raja (Tok - a respectable call for an elder, Raja - a royalty) to commemorate a noble who opened up the vilage a century or two ago. The name of the village's main road is still known as Jalan (the road of) Tok Raja or Jalan Tok Raja Temiang.

Muar river seen from somewhere near Bukit Treh.
Below are pictures of the old Portugeuse forts, one in Muar, another in Melaka for exhibit and points to ponder. The illustration of the one in Melaka, known also as the A Famosa was made in 1630 while the one in Muar is said to be made in 1604, God knows best...


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