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Friday, April 15, 2011

On to Gua Musang

Continued from Downhill Kelantan from Banjaran Titiwangsa.

Coming to one part of the road I made another stop.

I noticed there's a clearing where I could get some good views.

So I walked inside. Here's a view to the right.

A view ahead.

A view to the left. Zooming in one a certain mountain. I'm sure it is the one which looked peculiar at the end of the previous article. But here I'm seeing it at its wider side...

Continuing the journey downhill, we arrived at a main junction.

I think we were close at sea level as we continued on towards the town of Gua Musang (we were already in its district)...

Ah. Limestone hills. We were already closing in...

I believe the peak seen behind I is that of the 7,000-feet plus tall Gunung Tahan, the tallest peak in Peninsular Malaysia.

Getting closer.

At the outskirts of town already...

Downhill Kelantan from Banjaran Titiwangsa

So we have left Cameron Highlands. So we were already in Kelantan. From the junction to Kampung Raja we were already heading downhill from the top heights of the main range called Banjaran Titiwangsa. But it was after the Pahang-Kelantan border that the journey downhill began to look obvious...

Just look at the way the road goes.

I'll bet you can free the gear and get to 100 km/h in no time by just relying on the pull of gravity.

But take no chance. Never ever be on free gear. Instead go on low gears and ready the braking foot as it can be quite steep...

These parts also have its fair share of long greenhouses.

Ahead is the junction to Lojing. While the whole area after Cameron Highlands on to here is already in the small district of Lojing, the signboards refers to its small town.

There is a proper settlement around if I'm not wrong what you see here is a school.

Next is the junction to a place called Air Panas.

Further ahead you can see a peak which looks like a pyramid.

Stopping by one side I began to snap pictures of some mountains.

For the record this is the second time I drove this stretch of the road. The first was almost 2 years ago. I was then on my way back from the East Coast heading towards home in Selangor.

However that trip was not only made the opposite direction, that is from Gua Musang up to the Cameron Highlands, it was made during the dark. Look at the article The night trip from Gua Musang to Cameron Highlands....

Tied up with some things at other parts of Kelantan then, I couldn't arrive soon enough to make the climb up this road during daylight. So I had to forgo my desire to enjoy the views around. Since then I was waiting for the day when I would take this road again with everything nicely in view. And this finally came about on 25th December 2010, Christmas day. Here's how the 'pyramid' peak looks from near on...

Then there's a part under works...

Next I could see a rather peculiar looking hill or mountain.

Passing through the tip of Cameron Highlands

Continued from The highland stop 17km from Kampung Raja.

Soon it started to drizzle. We immediately got back into the car and continued the drive.

Then it began to pour like cats and dogs.

If I remember correctly I had to stop the car, timed my snap just after the wiper has cleared the screen just enough to get this picture... to show that at this juncture we were leaving the state of Perak and entering the district of Cameron Highlands which is situated in the state of Pahang.

I can't remember if this picture was taken during that stop or another one.

Soon the rain began to fizzle away.

Looks like it has rained earlier and the water has dried up.

The sky was clear enough for us to appreciate the views and the existence of what seems to be long greenhouses for growing vegetables in controlled climate.

For the record Cameron Highlands is famous for its vegetables...

It is also famous for flowers and highland tropical plants. You can find shops selling a variety of these around...

Here we were 1 km from the junction to Kampung Raja, the entry point to the part of Cameron Highlands favoured by tourists. Too bad some people see it fit to dump their garbages so near the road. The authorities should take measures to place it somewhere else hidden from normal view...

Luckily the dump area did not extend so far.

Approaching the junction to Kampung Raja...

After the junction we were officially on our way down the highlands.

Here is a signboard marking the border to the state of Kelantan. See the black car near the lorry? I was already pass the border when it crossed my mind I should be taking pictures.

Looking behind as I walked back towards the car, there's a signboard showing it's the state of Pahang we're leaving behind.

So we have left Cameron Highlands.

Instead, welcome to Lojing, the highland parts of Kelantan.