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Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Kota Bahru, the Islamic city...

Afternoon 23rd December. I did go to Tok Bali but just passed through. As it turns out, the village is also one of the East Coast's main station for fishermen to land their catch, quite similar to Besut. One unique feature is the bridge over a medium wide river there practically rises 45 degree upwards before reaching a plateau and then descends 45 degrees down.

Perhaps like Besut, there's something more than meets the eye in Tok Bali too. To me, the name itself smacks of an old elderly figure which could be saintly. I would have stopped to find out if not for the fact that time is running out... Whatever happens, I must make myself present in Muar some 600km down south for the Aidil Adha celebration which was just a few days away. And I'm already tired from all the travelling before plus the bus to Kota Bahru passing through Tok Bali is not so regular. So I decided to go straight to the capital of Kelantan dubbed the Islamic city.

Upon arrival, I immediately walked to my favourite part of the city where there are some historical buildings within a short walk of the central bus station. Observe the monuments above especially the 'things' on top of the pillars. For information, those are replicas of a rehal, a wooden apparatus for putting the holy Quran on, making it easier to read and recite.

These are the gates to one of the old palaces there, built sometime in the 19th century. Note the cannon jutting out from the white-coloured stone foundation...

This curious little building the size of room is called Bank Pitis (if I remember correctly, translated literally as bank for money... Pitis... A Kelantanese slang for money). It is said the royalty (or was it the government?) used to keep their money there. Hard to believe isn't it?

Main gates and entrance to the old grand palace... It is quite grand and a welcoming sight for tourists and visitors alike...

Istana Jahar or the Jahar palace... I don't know what Jahar stands for, is it a name or what. Whatever, the place is open to visitors as it has been turned into a museum...

Masjid Muhammadiyah, the main mosque of Kota Bahru. It used to be the primary Islamic learning centre in the Malay Archipelago especially when the famous Kelantanese saintly figure, Tok Kenali (died 1933) was still alive.

Tambatan Diraja, the royal jetty. The normal level of water should be much further ahead but it was flooding the last few days...

Ah... The pleasure of youth. If I don't know any better, I would have just joined and take a dip too... Haha! :]

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