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Thursday, March 13, 2008

A short stop in Beruas. And a talk on Beruas' very own mysterious "Batu bersurat" or inscribed stone...

Well, here's another look at Beruas in Perak. In my last posting regarding the area titled The ancient kingdom of Beruas and its ties with the more ancient kingdom of Gangganegara! , I was more concerned about the ancient aspect of Beruas. Here while on a trip from Sungai Siput heading for Pantai Remis via Ipoh, Parit and Beruas by bus, I had the time to look at the small town of Beruas. And as in other towns where I felt a certain vibe, let me record its "quaintness". Come!...

This is a photo snapped from the Ipoh to Beruas bus as it approaches town...

From Beruas, I thought I would get a bus straight to Pantai Remis some 30km on the west-coast. There only did I realise there is no such service. The closest to such is to take the bus to Taiping and stop at Batu Hampar some 15km away then take the Taiping to Pantai Remis bus from there.
I can't remember what time I exactly arrived in Beruas which should be sometime early afternoon. But I do remember this, the next bus to Taiping is over an hour away. So I took a walk around the small town and a favourite stop is the local museum.
Here in my first visit more than 3 years ago did I found out that there is such a thing as the Beruas inscribed stone... You see then there was this "news" in the papers then saying that an ancient inscribed stone have been found in Beruas and it hold clues to some events which would happen in the end times.
Later did I realised that the "news" was just a clever advertorial for selling a mobile phone line service. But the Beruas inscribed stone itself is real... The people at this museum told me, it was discovered sometime in the early 1990s but some people, either from the main museum in Kuala Lumpur or some university guys took it away.
The funny thing is, as far as I now there is not one reference anywhere, at least no official ones on the Beruas inscribed stone available except perhaps in my own blogspots! Just now, I tried to google the words "Beruas inscribed stone" and its Malay equivalent "Batu bersurat Beruas" and found no result. Compare this to the famous Terengganu inscribed stone... A google on the words in quote unquote yielded only 2 results but that's because it is known to most in its Malay version "Batu bersurat Terengganu" which should give over 2,000 results!

A look towards the east. The closest town next is Parit, some 20km towards Ipoh. Sitiawan lies some 40km to the south-west...

Back to the issue of the Beruas inscribed stone. I don't know why the story about it is simply tucked away... Perhaps there's some important secrets, perhaps there's clues regarding the end-times? Well I do believe such a clue exist... You may call be nuts but I'm a believer... Yes... Hallelujah everyone!

Now, I find it funny that an advertorial in newspapers, the only one such as this I ever encounter anywhere used the Beruas inscribed stone or "Batu bersurat Beruas" as its focal attention-getter to sell telephone lines. Believe it or not, I was not the only one jolted then. Many of my generations, those who in the last few years became interested in such end-time phenomenas like the Biblical war of Armageddon took serious note on the matter. That is until they saw the fine-print that says "advertorial" on top of the "news".

The Beruas post office... I don't know where they found the Beruas inscribed stone but it shouldn't be very far from this area.

Last year I made a visit to a certain "palace" in Melaka. You see, there's this guy who claims that he is the rightful heir to the ancient Sultanate of Melaka...

Now, officially the Sultanate of Melaka ended when its capital in the current modern Melaka was captured by the Western colonialists Portuguese in the year 1511. But the legacy lived on with its former empire continued to be ruled from other capitals, mainly in Johor. Thus the Melaka empire could be said to have morphed to what became known as the Johor-Riau-Lingga empire.

Kings from the original Melaka royal lineage continued to rule until the end of the 17th Century... That is until the demise of Sultan Mahmud Mangkat Dijulang (the king who was killed on a pedestal, have a look at the articles Makam (tomb of ) Bendahara Tun Habab , Makam (tomb of) Sultan Mahmud Mangkat DiJulang and Makam (tomb) of Laksamana Bentan to know the story and why tke king was known as such). And then his second-in-command, the noble official known as Bendahara as his family took over.

But there is another royal lineage officially known to continue carrying the original Melaka ruling blood. And I'm proud to say, that it is the royal lineage of the state of Perak, the state where my father was born at!

Nevermind that, so there's this guy who claims himself as the rightful heir to the empire of Melaka (or whatever is left of it)... Frankly I'm not surprised as all Perak royals came from the same lineage. But who really have the right to say he is the ONLY AND MOST BEFITTING heir of ancient Melaka?

Ah... I have digressed again. So let me get to the point... I went to this "palace" (actually a rented Malay traditional house) in Melaka to have a look at what's this all about... That is about this guy's claim to the Melaka throne... What is his actually genealogy.

Frankly I'm not surprised with the genealogy as I also have ties to the same family. It's just that he dared to extend the genealogy in such a way that includes the old ancient kingdoms of Beruas and Gangganegara in a manner never recognised in any official genealogy... Never recognised officially but voiced in hush-hush in some circles especially those who have access to unseen information from the "other side" of the world. Get my drift?

Anyway, what got me jolted was that the genealogy exhibited at this "palace" mentioned the Batu Bersurat Beruas or the Beruas inscribed stone... Along with a verse from the ancient Malay text, the Sulalatus Salatin of Annals of the Malay royals, on how the forefathers of the Malay royals, a certain Raja Suran from the land of Hindi, said to be a descendant of the legendary world conqueror Raja Iskandar Zulkarnain (some said he is Alexander the Great of Macedonia) have left a certain legacy for the end times!

Oh... Above is the look of Beruas town heading for the west. Somewhere from the shoprows on the left, I managed to hitchike a lorry and the driver said he wanted to go to Lumut through Pantai Remis. Yeay!

Too bad just about 2-3km later, I had to get out of the lorry. You see, people from the other side of the road has been giving out signals with high-beam... Apparently there's a JPJ (the vehicles board or something, sorry... Forgot the actual English name) road block somewhere down the road and the lorry driver just can't take the risk...

Maybe his load was over the limit, maybe he hasn't got his papers in order or something... Whatever, I had to drop down as he made a u-turn to take the road from Beruas to Sitiawan. I could have followed if I want to go straight to Lumut but I made it a point to go to Pantai Remis first. So there...

OK... Back to the Beruas inscribed stone.

The Sulalatus Salatin said that after Raja Suran conquered Gangganegara and the surrounding countries, then he went to explore a kingdom under the sea... Oh, the text further said that's where he got married and fathered 3 princes who would become the kings of the Malays but that is another story.

He later returned to the surface... That's when he asked his people to gather some of his treasures and bury it at a certain (unknown that is...) place. And then Raja Suran asked that a stone be inscribed to mark the event. Thus he said something like this: "During the end-times, there will be a descendant of mine who will find the treasure. Then he would rule the world"... At least that's what I remember...

Now, the Sulalatus Salatin didn't mention anything further about the stone... There's no location mentioned, no names given. But at the "palace" in Melaka, it is said... The stone is the Batu Bersurat Beruas or Beruas inscribed stone. Ends!


Anonymous said...

bila i baca on that batu bersurat beruas and the harta peninggalan raja suran.....i terfikir that ratu kuning juga buat statement yang serupa dimana seorang dari keturunannya diakhir zaman akan mewarisi harta peninggalannya.....bulu roma i naik setegangnya bila membasara ayat raja suran itu.kebetulan pula ratu kuning adalah keturunan raja Suran juga....from queenpatani

Anonymous said...

i come from the tun saban tree of genealogy.u can c my name on the scroll which aged more than 1000 yrs kat muzium negara.......i give u clue....pls follow the tree of tok jewang coz his tree is the most right ones......queenpatani

Anonymous said...

the tree of tun saban pula originates from ratu kuning of patani.........queenpatani

Anonymous said...

on the other hand,kalau ikut cakap mak.....jika raja lelaki didapati mati@my twin brother, i akan ke depan untuk menjalankan tugas membuka pintu supaya kesemua raja-raja muda di nusantara bangun dan bangkit untuk memerintah.i am the kunci whereas my mother adalah pemegang kunci.pls think of these statements.......Queenpatani

Anonymous said...

i akan mewarisi harta karun peninggalan moyang hanya jika kembar lelaki i mati....... i diberitahu bahawa harta itu adalah ditanam di Hulu Perak.....Queenpatani

Anonymous said...

why didnt u contact me bila u pi ke masjid kampung laut and danau tok uban ? i dah disuruh banyak kali untuk pi sana....tapi i tak dak geng nak ke sana.....i was told that emas peninggalan moyang ada dalam dasar tasik tok uban tu....from queenpatani....tapi yang hairannya kalau kesana i di arahkan supaya tutup mulut tentang latarbelakang i ...kenapa.....?can u pls check.....mungkin musuh kita bersembunyi di sana......queenpatani

akmald said...

Tun saban dari keturunan bernama Tun Gelam