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Thursday, July 19, 2007

A night at Masjid Tok Kenali...

Let me go straight to the story... Back from where I left off Dec 23rd 2006 in Kota Bahru...
Some 4 miles away from the Islamic city centre is the area of Kubang Kerian, still considered part of Kota Baru. Here lies the tomb and a mosque dedicated to a very famous person of Kelantanese origin who goes by the name Tok Kenali.
How famous is he? Well, let's just say, when Kota Bahru especially the Muhammadiyah mosque (refer to my previous posting) was last acknowledged as the nationwide centre of Islamic learning in the 1920s, perhaps even the most prominent centre for the Malay Archipelago, Tok Kenali was said to be the reason behind it all!
Here is a person acknowledged by many as a saint of the highest degree, his exploits and miracles so famous to all and sundry... Whatever, in this blogspot, I just want to tell a pictorial story about my 3rd (or was it 4th?) time visiting his tomb and spending the night at his mosque.
If you want to know more, you can Google the name Tok Kenali and find out about him especially his miracles. Why... He was known to have splitted his person into three so that he can attend three different functions and locations far away from each other at the same time!

The tomb of Tok Kenali standing out rather prominently at an old graveyard area in Kubang Kerian...

The grave Tok Kenali marked by these boulders. Besides is the grave of his wife.

Believe it or not, I've seen both graves in a dream I had many years ago. But it's only in mid 2004 I first visited the place and find out how exact are the details as compared to the dream!

A Quranic verse hanging up within the roofed tomb.

There, have a look and read the description... Then again it's in Jawi writings. Suffice to say, it says, Tok Kenali's real name is Muhammad Yusuf who died in 1933 at the age of 65...

Masjid (the mosque) of Tok Kenali where I spent the night. I'm getting quite familiar with the place as since mid 2004 I would pay a visit whenever in Kota Bahru.

The first nightI was there was a totally different experience though. Believe it or not, I can smell strong perfume, I think of Attar permeating the whole mosque for many hours. And for the whole two days I was there then, the tap water smelled, even tasted like lime juice, exactly just like in another dream I had a few years back! The account is related in Malay, in my second book "Berpetualang ke Aceh: Membela Syiar yang Asal", through the eyes and experiences of the main character Muhammad Al-Aminul Rasyid.

You can say I'm just simply haluccinating if you want and don't believe such things but that's how I felt. And that was not my only supernatural experience... I've had many, too many that I'm sure I'm able to tell whether I'm just dreaming, hallucinating or such...

The tower of the mosque seen as dusk approached.

A small 'museum' dedicated to the memory of Tok Kenali...

Part of the madrasah (religious school) continuing the tradition of Tok Kenali who used to teach many prominent scholars. Notice what is said in the signboard on the left? "Sudah kita bersedia untuk mati? (Are we ready to die?)."

This statement could be alarming for most but for those who have studied the deep mysteries of the universe especially through the teachings of Sufism (Islamic mystic), it is very common... In fact they would dare say, "Yes... We are ready to die", without bragging but with just conviction!

The only difference is in the manner one dies... Whether in ignorance or in understanding the actually workings of the universe, that is, a universe governed by the Maker, God, Allah... Whether as a useful person that have truly tasted life or as a loser without any contribution to society.

That's why a true Muslim (sorry ya, most people call themselves Muslims but in reality they are nowhere near its real significance) is not scared of death. But that doesn't mean one should walk around looking for excuses to get themselves killed or blow up their bodies like suicide bombers do. No...

Actually, it is more like the Samurai's code of Bushido. When you are not scared of death and are ready to die, then only you can live life to the fullest. This is because you are not scared to carry out any endeavour up to its fullest potential and such.

Anyway, that is just a whiff of the secret behind understanding the philosophy of "ready to die"... Got to continue with other writings... See ya! :]

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