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Monday, January 25, 2010

The Prophet's grandsons, Hassan and Hussein!

More than a month ago, I made a promise to myself. Once I've finished a series called "Pengembaraan Al-Rasyid ke selatan" in my Malay blogspot CATATAN SI MERAH SILU based on my travels with the wife and baby to the south end of last year, I will immediately do another voluntary translation for the website http://www.shiar-islam.com/. It happened that I have been translating the website's series on Ahlul Bait, Prophet Muhammad SAW's family and next to come is its last one. Earlier today I've completed the last intended piece for "Pengembaraan Al-Rasyid...". Thus let me offer here the last translated piece on Ahlul Bait...


Getting to know the Ahlul-Bait of Rasulullah SAW:

Hassan and Hussein

Translated by Radzi Sapiee

Prof. Dr. HAMKA, former head of the Indonesia Ulama’ Council is a big name in Islamic scholarship. He is also an authority of the Muhammadiyah organisation and is well-known in Islamic nations. This preacher and writer has authored no less than 113 books and given many lectures on TV and radio in Indonesia, Malaysia and other nations. Having written a translation of the holy Quran, he highly regarded the Ahlul Bait, family of Rasulullah SAW.

In a foreword to H.M.H. Al Hamid Al Husaini’s book titled “Al-Husain bin Ali Pahlawan Besar, dan Kehidupan Islam pada Zamannya” (Al-Hussain bin Ali the major warrior and life of Muslims in his era). Prof. Dr. Hamka started by quoting a gem from the venerable al Imam Asy Syafi'i, founder of the Syafi’i school of thought.

“If I am accused of being a Syiah just because of my love for the family of Muhammad, then witness o all mankind and djinns that I am indeed an adherent of the Syiah.”(Al Imam Asy Syafi'i r.a)

It is in this stern tone that Al Imam Asy Syafi'i asserted his position 13 centuries ago. Saying this in a set of poetic verses, it is clear that he loved the family of
Muhammad SAW, his children, grandchildren and all.

While it is clear the Prophet has no sons since everyone of them died very young, being human he still wanted male descendants. When his last male offspring, Ibrahim was born from his marriage to Mariah Al-Qubthiah, he was deeply pleased as he thought this would be the one to continue his linegae although at the time the prophet was more than 60 year old!

Still God’s knowledge is higher than that of human. Ibrahim who was hoped to continue his bloodline died while still suckling. This brought huge sadness to the Prophet SAW to the extent tears dropped down his eyes. Came this famous words from him: “A sad heart, tears welling down, but still this mouth will not say anything that does not please our God.”
As he became older, the chance to have another son dropped. But he still has his daughters: 1.Zainab. 2.Ruqayyah. 3.Ummu Kultsum and 4.Fatimah.

Zainab is married to Ibnul 'Aash, Ruqaiyyah and Umu Kultsum to Uthman bin 'Affan one after another as Ruqayyah died young. Thus the Prophet SAW married Uthman to Ummu Kulthum and that is why Uthman became known as "Dzin Nuraini" (he who has two lights).

On the other hand Fatimah is married to Ali bin Abi Thalib. Their marriage is considered ideal by the Arab community as Prophet Muhammad SAW is the son of Abdullah while Abdullah a son of Abdul Muthalib. 'Ali who became husband to his daughter Fatimah is a son of Abi Thalib and Abi Thalib a son of Abdul Muthalib. Thus Abi Thalib father of 'Ali is brother to Abdullah, father of the Prophet SAW.

That is why althouth the Prophet has no sons, he has high hope that Fatimah Azzahra who married 'Ali would give the male descendants he so desired. During the 3rd year of Hijriah was born their first son Hassan. A year later the second son, Hussein followed suit.

The Prophet SAW loved these two grandsons. Abu Ahmad Al-Askari
said: “During the time of jahiliyah (the Arab darkness era) the two names were never known (never ever used before).”. Al-Bukhari, the famour transmitter of Hadiths or the Prophet’s traditions related from Abdullah bin 'Umar that Rasulullah SAW once said: “Both of them (Hassan dan Hussein) are my blooming in this world.”

In another Hadith transmitted by At Tirmizi from Usman bin Zaid, the Prophet was recorded as saying: “Both are my sons and sons from my daughter. O Allah! I love both of them and I also love whoever who loves them both.”

According to Al Bukhari who received this from Abi Bukrah, the latter had said: “I once saw the Prophet SAW standing on the pulpit while Hassan was sitting watching the people, then looking at the Prophet SAW for a moment. The Prophet then said: ‘Verily this son of mine is a Sayyid ( a lord). And my Allah makes this son the pacifier of two (fighting) Muslim groups.”

With these two sayings, the Prophet practically proclaimed to all his people that the sons of 'Ali bin Abi Thalib and Fatimah are also his sons! Or his grandsons too. Such is the foreword of Prof.Dr.HAMKA regarding the Ahlul Bait.

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