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Saturday, April 14, 2007

A visit to the royal mausoleum at Langgar, Kedah?

Greetings dear readers. It's been almost a month since I made any new posting in any of my blogs, maybe because of laziness or there's just simply no move? For information, these recent few days, I've been busy travelling but unlike before when I often take the bus and hitch-hike any vehicle on the way, this time I travelled in comfort by car with family members.
Last week, I was moved to return to my mom's kampung (village) in Muar then attend a cousin's wedding function in Johor Bahru... Stopped at Batu Pahat to visit the relatives there before returning to Muar and rest for a few days. After that, I was "called" to go to Pulau Besar in Melaka and the next day, a new friend offered to take to some interesting places in Melaka including Hang Tuah's well, the old mosque of Duyung, Kampung Hulu Mosque and the tomb of Sheikh Shamsuddin Pasai at Kampung Ketek.
Just to inform, I've just returned 2 days ago from the East Coast. Last weekend, I went to Kuantan to attend the same cousin's wedding function (for the groom side) and planned to stop at Janda Baik afterwards. But my cousin asked me to accompany him and the wife to visit his sister's place in Kertih, Terengganu. Without any prior planning, 2 days later we arrived at Kuala Terengganu.
The cousin actually wanted me to follow him up to Kelantan. At the same time, he plans to bring his wife for honeymoon at Pulau (island of) Redang. If that is the case, should I wait in KT or hop on to the island too? I was in a quandary as a friend wanted me to return to Kuala Lumpur by Thursday.
So on Wednesday at night, I decided to take the 10 o'clock bus back to KL. Let the cousin learn how to tackle married life on his own. Is it right to show him all that he needs to know?
Whatever, it's only today that I feel the urge to add something to my blogspots, after finding out that the next door neighbour's Internet wi-fi signal with I often hitch on is crystal clear without interference. So my insticts told me to put some pictures taken in Kedah, while on a trip to the North made 2 months ago...
Hmm... Actually I've got lots of pictures, just waiting the right time to share. For the moment, let's just share some pictures taken in and around the Kedah royal mausoleum at Langgar, Alor Setar ya...
Oh... Perhaps some would ask, why the question at the end of the title of this posting? My answer, because before this writing was started, I had no idea which picture to put. Only after writing half-way then came the gut feeling to put the pictures related to the Kedah royal mausoleum in Langgar.
One more thing, it was in Langgar that I had the longest sense of deja vu as far as I can remember in my life... While walking from the main road entering towards the mausoleum, I can feel that whatever happened there and the surrounding view were the same as that seen in a dream more than 10 years ago... Exactly the same for a period of 15 minutes, no less, no more! Weird isn't it?
OK... Without wasting more time, have a look at the pictures below... Come!


Some traditional Malay houses in Langgar


The road leading to the Kedah royal mausoleum


The royal mausoleum seen from outside


The old mosque nearby the royal mausoleum. My gut feelings told me to do the Zuhur and Asar prayers (combined under one period as allowed in Islam for long distance travellers) and rest a little before going to the mausoleum


The information board (or stone?) on the Langgar royal mausoluem within the mausoluem complex. This area is open to visitors during the day.


The main gate for the area within the complex which contains the royal tombs. According to locals, the gate is only opened to visitors during the festive celebrations of Aidilfitri, Aidil Adha and the Sultan of Kedah's birthday. Beside that, only close members of the royal family and those granted audiance can enter.
Thank God, with Allah's permission, the lock for the main gate was already opened by the time I arrived although I can't see a single person anywhere around except myself!


Pictures of tombs of some Sultans (Kings of Kedah) and royal family members. I was told that this is a restricted area... Without permission, one can suffer ketulahan (some sort of royal curse) while pictures taken would not lodge inside the camera.
Whatever, I put these here for readers to reflect on. Inside, there's many tombs marked by Aceh-type gravestones... Perhaps that is why I can enter without any obsctruction? :]

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Have you visited masjid langgar in Kota Baharu Kelantan? Also plenty of old tombs.