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"Berpetualang ke Aceh: Mencari Diri dan Erti".

ISBN 983-42031-0-1, Jun 2006

"Berpetualang ke Aceh: Membela Syiar yang Asal"

ISBN 983-42031-1-x, May 2007

"Berpetualang ke Aceh: Sirih Pulang ke Gagang?"

ISBN 978-983-42031-2-2, November 2007

It is interesting to note that while these books were written in Malay it has gained enough attention to merit being part of the collections of the American Library of Congress and National Library of Australia. Look here and here.

While the first three books were published by my own company, the fourth titled "Rumah Azan" was published in April 2009 by a company called Karnadya with the help of the Malaysian national literary body Dewan Bahasa dan Pustaka. It features beautiful pictures along with stories behind selected mosques which could be related to the history of Islam and the Malays alongside the formation of the Malaysian nation. Look at the article A collaboration of old collegemates - the book "Rumah Azan".

My fifth book "Ahlul Bait (Family) of Rasulullah SAW and Malay Sultanates", an English translation and adaptation of the Malay book "Ahlul Bait (Keluarga) Rasulullah SAW dan Kesultanan Melayu" authored by Hj Muzaffar Mohamad and Tun Suzana Othman was published early 2010. Look here... My 5th book is out! Ahlul Bait (Family) of Rasulullah SAW and the Malay Sultanates... . For more information check out my Malay blogspot CATATAN SI MERAH SILU.

Like my fourth book "Rumah Azan", the sixth book "Kereta Api Menuju Destinasi" is also a coffee-table book which is published by the company Karnadya with the cooperation of Dewan Bahasa dan Pustaka (the main Malay literary body in Malaysia). Coming out January 2011 it features pictures and stories on the adventure travelling by train to all of Peninsular Malaysia along with the interesting places which could be reached this way.

My seventh book "Jejak keluarga Yakin : Satu sketsa sejarah" in turn is a coffee-table book which is written, editted, designed and has pictures taken by me. Coming out of the factory October 2011, this book which combines family history with history of places such as Singapura, Johor, Batu Pahat, Muar and in fact the history of the island of Java and England has been reviewed with me interviewed live in the program Selamat Pagi Malaysia at RTM1. Look at the article Siaran langsung ulasan buku "Jejak keluarga Yakin : Satu sketsa sejarah" dan temu ramah di Selamat Pagi Malaysia. Some selected contents have been featured in Sneak peek "Jejak keluarga Yakin : Satu sketsa sejarah".


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Monday, July 23, 2007

What's wrong in being different?

Hmm... Before I continue with travel stories, let me just share a bit more of the English translation/ adapation of the chapter title "Bab 1" (Chapter 1 but it is not actually the first chapter) of the book "Berpetualang ke Aceh: Mencari Diri dan Erti" (The trip to Aceh: In search of self and meaning). Thi part continues from Chapter 1 of "Berpetualang ke Aceh".... Establishing the raison d'etre . Read on...


Rasyid grew up in a family who highly regard academic achievements and religious upbringing. Naturally though, he is very inclined to read and study all sorts sof knowledge notwithstanding in what field… Likes to ‘swallow’ variety of books and encyclopaedia, enquiring into diverse subjects ranging from the sciences, mathematics, philosophy, history, civilisations and culture up to local tales, also legends and myths of old.
But what is more important, the lad wants to know Who created all this. Who is apparent behind all the knowledge he seeks… So much so that his family became totally perplexed because he always ask difficult and ‘irrelevant’ questions, questions that people simply couldn’t answer.
This would not be a problem if he simply ask about Who created the world. Everyone can say God, Allah. But when asked how does God looks like, where does He reside, how does He create, why are some things made this way, why some made that way, what is the explanation that could satisfy a bright young kid who likes to dig answers down to its barest basic and roots?
Coincidently Rasyid is not interested in money, wealth and possesion. While most people dream of becoming rich or being a millionaire, he is more comfortable living like a traveller without any possesion. Therefore many are perplexed when told about his interest and leanings… And the most puzzled is his family who hopes that the eldest among five siblings would achieve visible success, the kind of succesful life which can be proven by position, name and wealth worthy of his talents, abilities and qualification.
This young man also has rather weird aspirations. Since 18, he yearns to live in a highly civilised state with citizens who love knowledge… A peaceful country with no social problems and crime, with the populace not crazy about wealth, don’t like to talk about fickle things but rather discuss about high knowledge, creation of the universe, knowledge about God and such. Don’t know how these ideal state looks like but from what can be imagined, it feels something like Andalusia, now in Spain around Cordova but during the height of Islamic civilisation there, when the Sufi figure Ibnul Arabi was still alive 800 years ago.
As it is, Andalusia was known for its high civilisation and achievements… Full of artistic and highly aesthetic buildings, populated in turn by people of high ethics and proper manners. Its fame overshadowed that of Baghdad, the centre of Islamic civilisation of the time. It’s state of development would become the model for the rise of European civilisation, the movement which would become known as the renaissance. But where on earth can you find such a state now? In your imagination and wishes? Or just in your day-dreams?
Actually, Rasyid have always wished for a utopian world like the Andalusia he imagined since he was a kid. But it’s only at the verge of adulthood that this became a kind of crazy aspiration plaguing his mind and soul…
The lad is so excited of tales about highly civilised communities with advanced and beautiful buildings as potrayed in science fictions such as Logan’s Run, Buck Rogers in the 25th Century and Battlestar Galactica, his favourite television series. So, whenever he comes across the latest set of encyclopaedias or book on general knowledge, he would look for articles under the heading ‘future’ or ‘utopia’ to get a grasp of the ideal and perfect world mentioned inside.
It’s because of natural thinking like this that makes the Sagitarian often feels lonely with nobody to really understand what goes on inside his mind whatmore for him to share his thoughts and aspirations with. As it is, he’s no good at telling lies, being too damn straight and honest just like a character out of a fiction or cartoon story. Finally, Rasyid is ‘forced’ to become naughty and wild, the kind of boy who likes to make fun and mimic his teachers in school, weave stupid tales and tell jokes just to get attention… It seems, his friends are more comfortable with this than having to stand the ways of someone so different in thinking.
This is the reality of life. How many care about the mass of the moon as compared to that of earth or the stars? How many kids want to hear academic essays about the internal workings of the galaxies, the solar system and how the universe functions? Who could you get to discuss about God, the angles and the unseen worlds? It’s different if you talk about ghosts, magic, Harry Porter tales and such… Or stupid but entertaining stories,and jokes, even making fun of people with the ‘obligatory’ cursings here and there to make things more lively and attract attention. Now, that’s the way you can get many friends, isn’t that right?

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