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Tuesday, October 14, 2008

The hill I saw in a recent dream... Or is it Bukit (hill of) Setaki...

So let's continue from the piece titled The hill I saw in a recent dream... Is it Bukit (hill of) Sebabi at Olak Sepam?

OK, I was sure Bukit Sebabi fitted the bill. It does look like the hill in the dream as mentioned in the article The hill I saw in a recent dream? made nearly a year ago... minus the existence of the graves that is. But there's parts of the dream which implied the hill could also be elsewhere. So how? What now?

That's when I remembered a Johor-state round trip made at the end of last year until early this year. During the last leg from the district of Segamat back to my hometown Muar, I visited a hill called Bukit Setaki, also near the Pagoh to Jorak region and had a long deja vu there! I visited the hill to find closure after visiting another hill not so far away about a month early. And that's the one mentioned with pictures in The hill I saw in a recent dream? Do have a look at the article Dari Segamat kembali ke Muar... Berakhirlah satu episod pengembaraan... made in my Malay blogspot CATATAN SI MERAH SILU ...

So after Bukit Sebabi, I decided to go up Bukit Setaki which lies just about 3-4km to the west or so. And thus I arrived there at about 7.30pm with just enough sunlight to see the difference between the background and the surroundings. For the record, I first arrived at Bukit Setaki early this year in the dark... at around 8pm or so...

On top of the hill lies a big house... or is it a manor? Whatever, this is the place where the local estate manager stays. Earlier I bumped into a staff or something on the way out and asked if the manager, last time said to be a Perakian was around. He said, the Perak guy have left the place. The manager now is someone else and he is not at home...

I just went around to have a look to my heart's content. As far as I remember, on the way up to this hill, the Muar river is quite near but yet I could not see it from up here.

I could clearly see the 1,200 metre-plus high Gunung (mount) Ledang, the tallest mountain in the state of Johor as seen above but got not a hint of the Muar river. I checked back my bearings... That's when I realised the direction of the river from the hill and while it is not that far away, it is not as close as is the case with Bukit Sebabi.

So this confirmed that the hill with name Olak somehow attached on a signboard nearby as mentioned in the story The hill I saw in a recent dream? made nearly a year ago does refer to Bukit Sebabi. Positive! But yet parts of Bukit Setaki also fits into the scenery shown in the dream. So how should I tally this?

I walked to the backyard of the big house or manor or bungalow, or whatever you should call such a place and looked back, that is towards the south or so. From there I could see the hill which I actually climbed on foot following the search as mentioned in The hill I saw in a recent dream? (slightly hidden behind the house's pillars).

While I'm positive the hill with the name Olak attached to it is the one at Bukit Sebabi, I could also feel that the other hill slightly yonder also fits into the picture. Oh, hey! Perhaps what I saw in the dream was actually a compounded image of all three hills? Bukit Sebabi, Bukit Setaki here and the hill yonder? Or perhaps in that dream, I might actually have climbed the yonder one which is much higher before somehow 'jumping' to Bukit Setaki and then ending the episode at Bukit Sebabi, hence the name Olak attached to it? Perhaps!

One thing I could feel, as mentioned by a girlfriend, my main one now, the hill I saw in the dream could be related to Gunung Ledang. Perhaps there is some sort of storyline or history waiting to be released for me here... Once I've figured out the actually relation between all these places...

Ah... Having written all these, I felt a strange kind of relief. Whatever, this is the 252nd posting in this blogspot and that's a nice symmetrical number. With this thought in mind, I call it a day here... come the time to make updates at the blogspot CATATAN SI MERAH SILU . So good day ya! Enjoy the reading... :]

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