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Friday, February 11, 2011

The tomb of Maharaja Khadi Abdul Jalil in Jitra revisited

After Kuala Perlis we spent sometime at the Perlis royal town of Arau before heading back to Alor Setar. As the road passes through the Kedah town of Jitra where lies the tomb of a famous religious master we decided to pay a visit.

The tomb lies inside a building next to a surau or small praying hall.

The outer entrance.

The tomb lies inside a room.

Recital of the Quran's opening verses or Surah Fatihah for the person known as Datuk Maharaja Sheikh Abdul Jalil, teacher and religious advisor to a Sultan of Kedah in the 18th century AD.

To the left of the outer entrance lies the tomb of another religious person.

He is Muhammad Yusof a student of Sheikh Abdul Jalil.

Outside to the right is also the tomb of a faithful student.

His name is Sheikh Ibrahim.

Kuala Perlis, the town at the estuary of the Perlis river

OK. The last picture in the previous article should give a clue to what's coming next. Welcome to Kuala Perlis...

The ferry should also tell that this place is close to the sea.

For the record Kuala Perlis means the estuary (kuala) of the Perlis river. Here lies a main jetty to get to the famous resort island of Langkawi.

I think I've shown some pictures of this small town in the article Perlis in one day! made almost 4 years ago. Let's add a few more...

In that picture I've shown pictures of the Perlis river from a place close to the jetty and noticed a small pedestrian steel bridge upriver.

Now let me take pictures from after the bridge, away from the estuary looking upriver that is.

A look upriver. This is the same river which flows through the Perlis state capital, Kangar.

A look across...

Then a look downriver. Noticed something in the background?

A zoom view. Yep. That's the pedestrian bridge I'm talking about. With this you could say I've settled an old account from 4 years ago as I was then using public transportation or simply walking around for miles and miles at a time. I was too tired and had to rush somewhere else to check out these parts...

A quick look at the town of Kangar

Continued from Timah Tasoh at its 'source'.

We soon arrived at the fringe of the town of Kangar, the capital of Perlis.

While it is a nice town to stop at I'm afraid we have to rush through and just look at it from inside the car.

The time was about 4:40 pm. There's still a number of places to be visited in Perlis and at quite a distance from each other.

Anyway I made a point to drive through the town centre for a quick look.

It was basically a circumvention of the centre and with that we set our way out.

Crossing the Perlis river. Guess where's the next destination...

Timah Tasoh at its 'source'

So I have seen the lake Timah Tasoh. I was continuing my journey to Kangar when I saw what seems like a nice place to rest and refresh.

Though it was still not opened when I arrived almost six months ago, what's the harm in having a look right?

As it turns out it offers some nice views of the lake Timah Tasoh albeit at its most southern-west parts where the size dramatically tapers down.

What is interesting is here one could see the 'source'.

Because this is where a river of Perlis is contained with a dam, must be a main river. The resulting lake is what becomes the vast freshwater body called Timah Tasoh. Using Google Earth I followed the flow of the river from the lake on downriver and found out it flows into the open sea or rather, the Straits of Melaka at Kuala Perlis. That means this the river Perlis or Sungai (river of) Perlis. Ah. That also means I could add this article later to the collection "Fascination for rivers". :]

The lake called Timah Tasoh

Continued from The road from Padang Besar to Kangar.

OK. The last picture at the end of the previous article hinted at an interesting vast body of water.

To have a better look at it one have to take a junction and enter a little distance...

Ah. We could already see what's coming.

But for better views you must enter the lakeside resort.

There I've already said it. It's a lake...

Welcome to the lake called Timah Tasoh, Perlis's very own watery attraction.

Just to have a better idea of its size I took the road inside the resort up to the very end.

Then it's time to have a closer look from the area directly facing the resort.
OK. From here on let's just enjoy the views without further comment ya. Cheers! :]