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Wednesday, June 27, 2007

A strange accident!

Look at the picture above. A BMW 3 series luxury car stuck inside a rather narrow drain sometime during the day... Look carefully. Actually, the width of the drain is not enough to accomodate the height of the car, so how did the car got stuck in such a way? Why not stuck beside the drain?
More curious, the drain is situated beside a small road at a housing estate in Ampang... The main road which is Jalan Ampang is actually behind the barriers and the witnesses along with those present as seen in the picture.
From a logical point of view, maybe it is easy to accept this accident if the drain is situated immediately next to the main road with no barrier in-between... Or the barrier has been hit until broken causing the car to plunge into the drain because the car was driven fast and then went out of control.
This can be considered common at the main roads where many often drive fast. How can such a thing happen at a small road which I know have many bumps? A road where people often drive below the speed of 30 km/h?

This rather strange accident made many people stop to have a look while being dumb-founded. Many where perplexed how can such a big car plunge and then fit nicely inside a drain which is not that big...
The incident made me feel obliged to take pictures for record. In fact I feel I must tell the story in all my three blogspots before I can continue with any sort of other writing!
It turns out, that is not enough... I thought what is told above is already strange enough. Actually, there is one more fact of incident which is far more curious!
I was told, the car came from the opposite direction before having the accident and got stuck inside the drain. If it was from the opposite direction, shouldn't it be the back part of the car which should be visible from where I was standing to take the picture? Why am I looking at the front part of the car instead?
According to one of those present, the car made at least one spin before getting stuck in the position seen here. Ait? Making a spin and then falling just enough to fit inside the rather narrow drain? Ouch... It gives headache thinking about how this incident happened!

Look again, from a different angle. Strange isn't it the position of the car?
Whatever, I was told the driver is safe, maybe suffering some minor cuts and bruises although he (or she?) was said to have driven rather fast when taking a corner at the housing estate until the accident happened.
What is sure, there was no hint of blood seen as often the case in fatal accidents which caused death or those involved to suffer badly. The side-mirror at the driver's side which was opened without any thrace of the mirror being smashed shows that at least the driver managed to escape rather comfortably.
Imagine if the side-mirror was closed and the the driver trapped inside? What would it be like?
Imagine now if the mirror can't be opened and the accident happened during heavy rain which often cause flash flood. For all we know, there would be fatality!

The car being pulled out using a pick-up lorry... As usual, Malaysians are rather 'conscious' whenever there's a road accident. Many are ready to contribute 'expertise' by sitting or standing looking on wide-mouthed... Or busy forwarding 'theories' on how an accident can happen, haha!

Whatever, thank God, the BMW 3 series was succesfully brought out. Now, I can continue with other writings ya... Keep on reading!

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