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Thursday, July 26, 2007

The ruins of Pengkalan Bujang

OK... Continuing from the story of Bujang Valley. While at the museum there, a staff mentioned how there were some excavation works in progress at Pengkalan Bujang some 6km away. Thank God, seeing how interested I was with all this, he offered to take me there after completing some stuff. So there I was in Pengkalan Bujang... The time was about 2pm or so, the date 18th January 2007...

From outside, I could see this building...

I went inside. The building houses some ruins from the area, believed to have been built in the 6th century of so, that is if my memory serves me right...

The same building also houses a simple museum... Again, if memory serves me right, there are ruins believed to date from as early as 2nd Century AD here, the earliest in Kedah, perhaps the earliest in the whole of Malaysia!

There... Reminds me of the pictures of the Mojehandero-Harrappa city ruins of India said to be 4,000 to 5,000 years old, pictures I've seen in my secondary school history books!

Another part of the ruin...

That's when I saw there's some excavation works in progress...

Some university students (can't remember which university) trying to look for gold?

There... How many holes must you dig before you hit jackpot, hehe! :]

One last look at the ruins of Pengkalan Bujang before the travel continues... One thing I felt during these whole archeological forays (including the ones at Bujang Valley), history is about to be rewritten here but not by you guys... The academic methods in uncovering history through archeological methods have been set by a world standard devised by Jewish elite thinkers under the Protocols of the Elders of Zions which intends to subvert every accepted knowledge to their cause... That is the eventual subjugation of the world to the Zionist Jews. So there's no way they would allow the real truth to surface as the truth would set us free while they don't want us to be free.

You might ask, what truth I'm talking here. Let me just give you a clue... The truth of Islam... The same universal truth preached by our father, the Prophet Adam during the advent of mankind on earth 6,000 (some believed 40,000 years ago) and the truth brought forth by the Seal of the Prophets, Muhammad SAW, 1,400 years ago...

The offical history books with its Western Orientalist slanted views try to teach you, the original faith in the Malay lands were Hindu... Islam only came later to 'disturb and force' the original populace to either accept it or run elsewhere for their lives... And so the ruins such as that in Pengkalan Bujang are said to be proofs of this, that Hindu was the dominant and original religion here.

Well, let me just say this... I'm too tired and exhausted to explain right now... I still got a few places to go while in Teluk Intan, Perak (that is where I am the last 2 days on my current travel) and it feels like there's certain forces which don't want me to succesfully complete what I intend to do... Really I feel very sick and the body too weak but I continue holding myself up in dignity including to complete the stories I should release at any particular time in my blogspots. Suffice to say the theories about Hindu being the original religion in the Malay lands are all blatant lies to reduce the the beauty of Islam as completed by Prophet Muhammad to just a 'foreign' religion supposedly preying on the weakness and gullibility of the populace.

By the way, the original religion has always been Islam through and through but the physical practices could be different depending on time and place... The Islam of old used to be under the code of Prophet of Abraham before the code or syariat of Muhammad came. But pervertion of the original religion which lead to idol worship is what prompted the British colonialists to coin the term Hindu... For a group of religions practice in Hindi (now India)...

As far as I know and believe, ruins such as the ones in Pengkalan Bujang was actually Islamic ruins but of Islam under the code of Abraham. But the British colonialiasts, spurred on by Zionist thinkers went to the extend of planting bronze idols at selected site as 'evidence' that the Malay lands were originally populated by Hindus... Enough!

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