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"Berpetualang ke Aceh: Mencari Diri dan Erti".

ISBN 983-42031-0-1, Jun 2006

"Berpetualang ke Aceh: Membela Syiar yang Asal"

ISBN 983-42031-1-x, May 2007

"Berpetualang ke Aceh: Sirih Pulang ke Gagang?"

ISBN 978-983-42031-2-2, November 2007

It is interesting to note that while these books were written in Malay it has gained enough attention to merit being part of the collections of the American Library of Congress and National Library of Australia. Look here and here.

While the first three books were published by my own company, the fourth titled "Rumah Azan" was published in April 2009 by a company called Karnadya with the help of the Malaysian national literary body Dewan Bahasa dan Pustaka. It features beautiful pictures along with stories behind selected mosques which could be related to the history of Islam and the Malays alongside the formation of the Malaysian nation. Look at the article A collaboration of old collegemates - the book "Rumah Azan".

My fifth book "Ahlul Bait (Family) of Rasulullah SAW and Malay Sultanates", an English translation and adaptation of the Malay book "Ahlul Bait (Keluarga) Rasulullah SAW dan Kesultanan Melayu" authored by Hj Muzaffar Mohamad and Tun Suzana Othman was published early 2010. Look here... My 5th book is out! Ahlul Bait (Family) of Rasulullah SAW and the Malay Sultanates... . For more information check out my Malay blogspot CATATAN SI MERAH SILU.

Like my fourth book "Rumah Azan", the sixth book "Kereta Api Menuju Destinasi" is also a coffee-table book which is published by the company Karnadya with the cooperation of Dewan Bahasa dan Pustaka (the main Malay literary body in Malaysia). Coming out January 2011 it features pictures and stories on the adventure travelling by train to all of Peninsular Malaysia along with the interesting places which could be reached this way.

My seventh book "Jejak keluarga Yakin : Satu sketsa sejarah" in turn is a coffee-table book which is written, editted, designed and has pictures taken by me. Coming out of the factory October 2011, this book which combines family history with history of places such as Singapura, Johor, Batu Pahat, Muar and in fact the history of the island of Java and England has been reviewed with me interviewed live in the program Selamat Pagi Malaysia at RTM1. Look at the article Siaran langsung ulasan buku "Jejak keluarga Yakin : Satu sketsa sejarah" dan temu ramah di Selamat Pagi Malaysia. Some selected contents have been featured in Sneak peek "Jejak keluarga Yakin : Satu sketsa sejarah".


The "Berpetualang ke Aceh" series of novels could be obtained in e-book form. Enter http://www.e-sentral.com/, click general novel and go to page 4. You can also type the word "Aceh" at the search box. Or click straight Book 1, Book 2 and Book 3.

Friday, November 10, 2006

The Trip To Aceh

Just when I thought it's time to quit the blog for the day, suddenly I realised how to load photos inside the postings here... As always, I tend to "receive" ideas out of the blue on how to make things happen when at the point of giving up. So by the grace of God, here's a picture of the Malay novel, "Berpetualang ke Aceh", translated literally "The Trip to Aceh". The book is based on real-life experience searching for answers to the meaning of existence and being, hence the Malay subtitle "Mencari diri dan erti"... "Looking for self and meaning". Set against the background of a trip made to Aceh before the Tsunami of 26 December 2004 when foreigners are not allowed in the very-troubled region, in-fighting between the Indonesian army and Aceh separatist group still rife where one can easily lose one's life, it tries to blend some 1,200 years of history, official and off-the-record stories relating Aceh to the Malay archipelago and even the Middle East.
It is a story of self-discovery as the main character Muhammad Al-Aminul Rasyid tries to understand the message behind his deja vus and dreams that became real in time... And lo behold, he uncovered deep-hidden history relating the old Islamic saints to the Malay royalties and the Ahlul Bait, the family and descendants of our beloved prophet Muhammad Sallahualaiwasallam. In fact the whole thing turns out to be related to some end-time propechies regarding the fate of mankind an re-emergence of Islam from the East!
The 300-page book, size of an A5 paper (practically A4 folded half) published privately under the company name Wasilah Merah Silu Enterprise cost RM24.90 each and is available at selected stores around the nation especially at MPH and Popular Bookstores.
God willing, in time I will try to publish the English translations of excerpts from the book here in this blogspot. Perhaps that will pave the way for an English translation soon? Furthemore quiet plenty of people has been asking for it, saying it would benefit more people and reach global audience. So pray for me guys n wish me luck OK... Thanks... :]

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