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Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Nostalgic memory of Muar's "Kopi 434"

Greetings dear readers. A few days ago... Or was it over a week ago? Hmm... I think I came across this article in The New Straits Times while in Muar. So that must more than a week ago.

Anyway, I came across this article on "Kopi 434", Muar's locally grown and blended coffee with the brand (or number? whatever) 434 and I just can't help lapping it up. You see, first of all I was born and raised in Muar. I've spent practically half of my almost 38 years of life in that quaint cute town, officially touted the second biggest town in Johor (after the capital, the city of Johor Bahru)... The second biggest but yet as I remember it when growing up, had a relaxing unhurried small-town charm that not many towns especially that size (it can be considered fairly big) and important (in terms of administrative standing at least) can beat. Then again those were during the days I remember. When the main mood of transport in, out and across town were bicycles and trishaws. So much so that even school boys have to purchase bicycle license, if I remember correctly from the police station! To keep tag of its bustling number, that is...

Then, Muar was known as the town for retirees. It can boast of many significant personalities especially in public service and politics including a number of Johor Menteri Besars of Head Minister... They say its sons (and daughters too...) can make their names and fortune in as far as America and England but still return to Muar much later and once in a while go out on bicycles despite owning a garage of Ferraris and Lamborghinis.

Geez... I remember spending some time in Holland (or the Netherlands) especially in Amsterdan and Rotterdam summer 1995. Looking at the number of bicycles plying the roads, I just can't help thinking of Muar. I mean, you can still be damn succesful but still use bicycles right? Just look at the late Junior Kennedy who still ride bicycles across New York despite his popularity and fortune. I mean the world knows who is his President daddy and his celebrity royal-like mother, the heir to billions in shipping fortune but he still strides his stuff like nobody cares. Too bad, Muar isn't like that anymore. I guess development has taken its toll. Anyway I'm off my real subject which is about coffee. Sorry, I just can't help being nostalgic about Muar.

So back on track, about being nostalgic on Kopi 434. I should... I just can't help leaping back into the past when I saw the article about the coffe in The New Streets Times. As a young schoolboy, I still remember accompanying my late grandma for shopping at Kasipillay's (I think I got the name and spelling right. But Muar folks, at least my peers should know), the local Indian variety shop... That was in the days before we had supermarkets and shopping complex. Despite the heavy aroma of spices there, I just can't help my nose be led up to the next shop (or was it the next after... gosh... It was more than 25 years ago!) where the whiff of coffee being blended was simply blissful, aahhh...

Why, I remember when we returned home with packets of the said coffee (of course, Kopi 434) I would try to persuade and find ways to make my grandma let me take out some of the transparent plastic packings so that I could taste it straight away... Raw, that is. Not with any water...

Mind you, I was never a coffee drinker until pass the age of 20. Thus I have absolutely no business with coffee except this one smells so persuasive, if I may use the word, that I'm absolutely gagging to take bites straight with the plastic! Of course my grandma wouldn't let me. Sometimes with loads of drool, I just gnaw at the plastic packings just to get a hint of how I imagined the taste should be but never too bolt to actually bite. But one day, when she's not around and nobody's looking, I just can't help it. The aroma was just so strong and "beautiful", I did literally bite through the plastic bag and "eat" the blended coffee! Then only I learned that the taste is bitter. I thought it would be more like chocolate. So there, my memory of Kopi 434.

Suffice to say, the memory was so "beautiful" (good lord, I just can't helping using words in any way I please especially since as always, I'm writing spontanously and this one seems to come out like water gushing), that when I saw the article some time a week ago, I pledged I would share it here in this blogspot. However my travellings and other things made me forget until something today I'm not sure what stirred the thought again.
Luckily, a Google search under the keywords "Kopi 434" showed me the way in no time. So without further ado, the article itself... Cheers! :]


My Johor: Kopi Cap 434 — our very own exotic coffee


I’M a coffee drinker. The state, which boasts two of the country’s best coffees, namely Muar’s Kopi Cap 434 and Kopi Kluang, made me one.

Twenty-three years in Kuala Lumpur has yet to convert me into a lover of gourmet coffees from Starbucks and Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf. Although I must admit I have acquired a liking for flavoured coffee especially toffeenut latte.

My family, especially my mother, still swears by Kopi Cap 434.

Whenever we drive down to Johor from Kuala Lumpur, my mother would insist on making a pit stop in Muar. Besides going to the jewellery store to get the butang baju kurung to replace those that we have lost, she’ll get her supply of Kopi Cap 434.

We’ve been doing this all our lives. When we were growing up, our parents made it a point to stop in Muar each time we journeyed north to Kuala Lumpur or on the trip back.

From Johor Baru, they would time it in such a way that we would be in Muar town for a breakfast of satay, lontong or soto ayam from the Malay stall in front of the coffee shop.

On the way home, we would stop for lunch at the Makcik’s stall where the ikan sembilang masak asam pedas is something to die for.

Having coffee at this corner lot coffee shop in town was a must for my late father.

Back then I thought the black coffee, served in the thick porcelain cups and saucers, were a tad bitter but it was drinkable. We kids would pour the coffee from the cups into the saucers; blow into it to cool it before slurping it up. On a hot day, the iced black coffee could really quench a thirst!

Before we leave the town, we would get our supply of the ground coffee from the nearby shop. Never mind if you don’t know the shop’s address. Your nose will take you there. The smell of the ground coffee can give you the same exhilarating effect as the taste.

Kopi Cap 434 has been around for 55 years. It was founded by Kiar Am Sai in a double-storey wooden house just behind the Muar river at Jalan Ismail in Muar.

Kiar, who was known among his customers as Ah Sai, was said to be 17 years old when he arrived in the country from Hainan, China. The number 434 incidentally is his three digit telephone number during the 1960s.

The Kopi Cap 434 is the company’s most popular house blend coffee but there is also espresso coffee and instant coffee under the 434 label. They come in packets of 20, 50 and 100 sachets.

Do you know that the company also offers delivery service?

Call for the best quotation, transfer the money into the company’s account, call again for a final confirmation and the consignment will be couriered to you on the same day. I haven’t tried it yet but would surely do so once our supply of the 434 runs out.

And I discovered only recently that 434 is indeed a local coffee.

Kopi Cap 434 uses the Elephant Bean AA, which has been described as an exotic coffee that has a very outstanding flavour and unique taste that can be found in neither Arabica nor Robusta coffee. Belonging to the Liberica species, the beans are bigger in size and longer in shape.

Somewhere in Muar, the company has a 1.6ha plantation cultivated with the Elephant Bean AA coffee. It’s worth a visit when you’re next in Muar, eh?

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Anonymous said...

Hemmmm......not bad, i tried this coffee before. But, have u try "Che Nah" brand's coffee, made in Telok Intan. Let me know how it taste if you have tried it. One thing for sure, you can't find in Johor. heheheh....