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Thursday, August 07, 2008

A look at Melaka from the Taming Sari tower...

Continued from the article A visit to the zoo of Melaka... After I'm done at the zoo, it's time to go to the Melaka city centre. There lies a certain new tourist attraction, here it is! :]

OK. Right smack in Melaka's main historical area of Banda Hilir lies this new monument...

For information, here is the 100 metre-high Taming Sari tower built sometime this year, named after the famous keris (Malay wavy vlade) of Taming Sari said to be owned by the legendary warrior Hang Tuah more than five centuries ago. So what is this place? Well, it has a revolving floor which could climb from the bottom to top for people to savour the view!

Too bad, I forgot to take pictures of the revolving floor. Instead, here are some pictures taken from inside the revolving floor ya...

OK... It takes only about 30 seconds for the revolving floor to climb to just under the 100 metre mark. Here is a view towards the Melaka river mouth seen as the floor is about to reach the top...

And here is picture as the floor revolved clockwise and almost reach the 90 metre mark where it will stop climbing. Seen down there is the 'original' Melaka river mouth just next to the red-brick coloured warehouse looking building to the right of the ship...

Oh... Why is this ship sitting tight on dry land? For the record the ship which is a replica of a Western galleon (forgot whether it is Portuguese, Dutch or English. All three Western forces used to colonise Melaka) is the Melaka maritime museum. I don't known what the warehouse-looking building stands for. Perhaps it is just a warehouse? If I remember correctly the row of buildings overlooking the waterfront here used to be owned by the Customs Department.

OK... Why did I used the word 'original' Melaka river mouth in the top paragraph? Because it is the original river mouth! Until the area to the left was reclaimed creating a new river mouth some 500 metres further out to the sea...

Anyway here's a view of the Melaka town centre... The same one as I've seen since decades ago except for the addition of some new buildings...

As the floor revolved on, I decided to retrace a sight to the left again towards the waterfront... Situated within the rows of old shophouses seen down there are many historical monuments including old mosques with original buildings intact from the 1700s to some tombs belonging to significant personalities living in 15th to 17th Century AD!

Then I just followed where the rotation leads to. A view to the south and plenty of development made within the last 10 years or so...

As the floor rotates some 30 degrees more clockwise, one could see Melaka's famous island of Pulau Besar in the background. Do have a look at these recent articles on the island and another related one:-

A whirlwind tour of Pulau Besar in 2 hours or so...

Continuing the whirlwind tour of Pulau Besar in 2 hours or so...

Enough of Pulau Besar. Time to head back to the mainland and a stop at the Kampung Hulu mosque... To ponder the mystery of Sheikh Abdullah there!

Oh, by the way... The area you see in this picture are all part of the land reclaimed since some 15 years ago if I remember correctly.

If I remember correctly again, the land reclaimation project started when Tan Sri Rahim Tamby Chik was still the Chief Minister of Melaka (the state have change a few chief ministers since then). Hmm... That must be more like since 20 years ago!

Anyway if 20 years ago they were still trying to fill the area which was once part of the waters of the straits of Melaka with enough land, now the area is practically built up to the hilt. Why, they even built an island called Pulau Melaka as seen behind the tall building in this picture!

Ah! The new Melaka river mouth in the picture. Complete with a bridge cum highway, if not mistaken with the nama Jalan (road of) Sayyid Abdul Aziz, the name of a certain religious person said to have converted the first king of Melaka to Islam some 600 years ago!

Hmm... We have completed one full rotation as we looked at the part of the Melaka river 'extension' connecting the original river mouth to the new one. Oh, also in the picture, to the far left up is an island called Pulau Upih said be a prominent centre for Islamic learning due to the presence of some saintly personalities centuries ago!

And so, another look at the city centre... By the way, the red buildings below are the historical buildings built by the Dutch after capturing Melaka from the Portuguese in the year 1641.

Seen in this picture is the main hill of Melaka city centre, the hill known as St. Paul hill. I personally don't like the name as it is given by the Portuguese colonisers. I'm sure it has an original name in Malay, perhaps Bukit Melaka or the hill of Melaka as I understand before the Portuguese conquered the city in 1511, the hill used to house the Melaka Sultanate palace on top, the Melaka main mosque near the slopes and the Melaka royal mausoleum at the foothills.

Anyway, the hill used to be situated very near the sea. For the record the main street you see down here used to be coastline before the reclaimation works started some 20 years ago. On the other hand, the building the the left with the rather huge circular part stood on a large opening, a field called Padang Merdeka (field of independence). Because that's where the former Malaysian Prime Minister Tunku Abdul Rahman annouced the date for the indepence of the Federation of Malay states more than 50 years ago, the states which eventually became Malaysia!

Here's a last look from the floor just before it starts descending back down. Just look at the shadow of the tower... You could see the shadow of the floor too mushrooming on top. Cheers! :]

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