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Sunday, October 11, 2009

3rd A Level Batch 7 reunion / Hari Raya festive do in Bangi...

Greetings earthlings. A few hours ago I had a reunion with my old college-mates from the A Level days. Here is the story and pictures...

Me and wife arrived at this meet in Bangi sometime at 9.30. Earlier we thought we couldn't make it. What do you expect? My wife's expecting and she was already 2 days overdue!

Luckily my wife (the one sitting right) is a very understanding and loving person. She knows I wanted so much to attend this meet of old friends while I was worried about her condition. She suggested we just go... don't worry, just trust God. If suddenly she has to deliver, just check out the nearest hospital. Besides we're going to a house owned by a doctor...

That reminds me of the recent Thursday night where we decided to follow my mum and dad while showing them the way to get to an auntie's place in Shah Alam from my place, for a tahlil session done to commemorate the passing of the auntie's mum the previous day. For the record, the night, 8th October is my wife's due date (for the baby of course). Despite that, we travelled some 40 km from Bandar Tasik Puteri, Shah Alam all for the sake of kith and kins. Then again we have a number of doctors in the family and 3 of them present are top-notch gynaecologies, one a very famous and respected one in Malaysia's medical annals!

Anyway, this meet organised at the house of Anuar @ Dr Anuar Sani was an ad-hoc reunion meet, just like the two previous meets I've attended (look at the articles An A Level ad-hoc reunion at Pelita Jalan Ampang... and A reunion which lasted well into the wee hours... ).

At first it was suggested to be a teh tarik session or so as Penang-based Utoi (his real name is Shukor something...) happened to be in town for a course, somewhere in Bangi if I remember correctly. So through our Yahoo-group mailing list, he made an open invitation for a small meet for anyone who happens to stay within the vicinity while suggesting that Anuar's house be used as a venue if not a place of reference where anyone could later meet at a nearby restaurant or something...

Honoured by Utoi's suggestion, Anuar took the initiative to extend his own invitation making his house the venue for an ad-hoc meet. Thus a few others began to express their willingness to attend. After all the festive month of Syawal is still on. So this meet would also serve as an Hari Raya do...

As the guys discussed their plans vie the e-mail, I read and watched in anticipation. I really wanted to go especially after finding out there's a number of friends coming which I did not see in the previous meets. But what about my expecting wife? How could I drag her around when there's a possibility she could give birth at anytime?

What made me more anxious was the fact at least 2 or 3 persons would be from my old class, Group J. Have a look at the old article Remembering the "A" Level college days. My lecture class, group J. As I've said before, luckily I have a very understanding and loving wife, all thanks to Allah! And luckily she did not show any signs of going into labour yet although 2 weeks ago she was hospitalised after having a number of contractions which lasted from Wednesday till Friday morning. So she herself suggested that we go and attend.

In this picture you could see 2 of my old Group J class-mates... from right, Utoi followed by Aminuddin @ Mangor. For the record both are moderators of our Yahoo-group. Mangor has the extra distinction of also being my room-mate at 51C. Have a look at the old article A Level room 51C reunion pictures from last year for posterity , never mind he was not around then.

Now, the last time I saw Mangor was sometime before the year 2000 I think. I don't think I've ever seen Utoi since 1989. As it turned out Azeem and Sudir from Group J also turned up. That makes 3 class-mates I haven't seen since leaving college. Eh, wait a minute. I do remember meeting Azeem in London sometime in 1995. Whatever, it's been years since we all crossed path!

This made many commented that this meet might as well be a Group J reunion although the host, Anuar himself is from another class, Group I which is situated exactly opposite Group J. Never mind, we were a closed-knit community of students and the carmaderie shows even 20 years later as we are approaching 40.

Here's the final tally. This meet @ Hari Raya do @ ad-hoc reunion was attended by 12 ex-A Level students or alumni. Looking at the developments and discussions in the Yahoo-group, it is fair to say this is the 3rd A Level GENERAL reunion for our college ever and the best and most well-attended so far. For the record, little meets such as done by the guys at Kota Damansara over football matches don't count as reunions as it happened to be attended mainly by those residing in that area. On the other hand, the 51C reunion as shown in the article A Level room 51C reunion pictures from last year for posterity is not a general alumni or Batch 7 reunion as it is only for those from the same room...

Come to think of it again, perhaps a meet at Kota Damansara which has Atuk @ Shamsul and another one or two non-residents present does count. Whatever, this is the 3rd reunion I myself have attended. I could vouch that it is better attended than the one at Pelita (look again at the article An A Level ad-hoc reunion at Pelita Jalan Ampang... ) which has 9 alumni in one sitting. Another came later when most of them had returned to work. You could say that makes a total of 10. Then again 2 are from Batch 6, so that leaves 8 from Batch 7...

The second at MZ (look at A reunion which lasted well into the wee hours... ) was attended by 11 persons. But my wife did not come from the same college, what more the same batch. Thus only 10 could be counted in, the same number as that during the 51C reunion. This recent meet at Anuar's place definitely come out tops. That's 12 alumni altogether and if you count the wives and kids in, there should be around 30.

Anyway here's the list of names... sitting at the back from left is Azeem, Rashes @ Nik Rashidi, Nam @ Tajul Aznam, Hilmy @ John Softball (hehe! ) and Zuhairy. Sitting in front from left is Sudir, Mangor and daughter, Utoi, Mat Deck @ Nizam and the host, Dr. Anuar. That makes 10 names right. Well, yours truly is winding out in front while Lin Khalid who is Mat Deck's wife, the only female alumni around choose to just sit with the wives. That's all, good night. I will put a video of the meet in my Malay blogspot CATATAN SI MERAH SILU next...


MyBlog said...

cepat & pantas kau upload... moga jumpa lagi... Sukor @ Utoi @ Org Muor

Anuar said...

Salam Fly,
Thanks for coming Fly and it took lots of bravery to drag along a wife with 2 days overdue. Many women will not travel even at 2d trimester, but not ur wife. all the way from tasik puteri, 80km..phew. Really appreciate her willingness to endure lots of back pain. To other friends who also attended;sudir n family, Amin n family, Utoi, Nik rashidi, Hilmi n family, Tajul Aznam, Mat Dag n Azlina, Azeem n family, and, Zulhairi...Thank you very much. Worth every single joule of energy.
Anuar, Bangi.

Radzi Sapiee said...

Wassalam. The pleasure is all mine. And my wife thoroughly enjoyed it too. TQ Anuar, Utoi n everyone for making it a very memorable evening.

All thanks to Allah for blessing me with such a wife. It is her faith in me and the will of God that makes it possible for us to make the meet, Alhamdulillah!

Anonymous said...

Bila Nak Reunion budak ismail 2 1982 6 beruang...aku teringin gak nak join...