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Friday, August 14, 2009

On to Tanoh Abee... so what exists over there?

Continued from the article Aceh rural views around Indrapuri

From Indrapuri and then the Teungku Chik di Tiro tomb complex, we decided to head on to Tanoh Abee, some 15 km further to the south... as we wriggled our way out of the nearby rural areas, fresh vistas opened up..

Its refreshing to see local kids playing about...

At certain junctures, the journey was slowed down by lorries like this while the road is too small for us to simply overtake.

Never mind, we could still savour the views to kill time...

It's just by then it's already past 5 pm...

We wanted to go to Tanoh Abee some 15 km south and do a proper visitation there, yet hope to return to Banda Aceh some 42 km from Tanoh Abee then head another 10 - 15 km to Lampuuk to catch the sunset. Can we make all these in time?

Thank God, after some time we're back on the main road...

One thing I noticed about Aceh is that they tend to use mosques with this standard design...

I can't remember where this is but I believe by the time we crossed this bridge it's already 6 pm...

Never mind, I still have faith we could get to Lampuuk facing the Indian Ocean for sunset. Or is it?

OK. We're getting off the main road again...

There's this watergate...

I think it lies over the river Aceh.

Meanwhile the mountain called Seulawah said to be an inactive volcano looms in the background.

We pass a smaller watergate controlling a canal...

So on to another rural part...

Where is this place in Tanoh Abee we're going to anyway?

It should lie just over this bridge said the driver...

Ah. At last. The information says this is the ancient library of Tanoh Abee. What ancient library? I'll continue the story at my Malay blogspot CATATAN SI MERAH SILU later. Cheers! :]


Maxalmina said...

Am Acehnese, I really appreciate on your writing about Aceh. The first Teungku Tanoh Abee al-Baghdady was depicted from Iraq because of his straigness and expertise in most science that scared sultan in Bagdad. However Sultan Aceh highly appreciate him, thus he provide him faciliteis to teach, and make him as Qadhi Malikul Adil of Aceh sultanate which then adopted solely the Syariah Law in Aceh. Regards; Fikri.

Unknown said...


First of all thank you for your article about Tanoh Abee. Well, I am one of the relative of Teungku Al Bahgdady Tanoh Abee, i live and work in Qatar / Australia for 9 years (Ministry of Public Health)

Based on your subject " So what exists over there?" and you know, you have been there and you will be very lucky if you are allowed to see The catalogues of manuscripts, if you did please tell us more about it. I was born in Tanoh Abee and i grew up also in Zauyah, Tanoh Abee.

From another website: http://igitur-archive.library.uu.nl/let/2007-0313-203118/bruinessen_97_noteonsourcematerials.pdf

(The inventory of private collections in Indonesia, with which a start has recently been made, will significantly improve our acquaintance with second-echelon authors of religious texts. Perhaps the richest private collection of religious manuscripts is that of the Achehnese pesantren of Tanoh Abee, of which only a preliminary partial catalogue exists.)

Muhd. Reza Fahlevi
Sydney, Australia

Radzi Sapiee said...

Wassalam. Thanks for the reply. Yes, I got to see the catalogue which (if I remember correctly) lists over 300 rare religious books especially on Tasawuf. In fact Umi (wife of the late Sheikh Abu Dahlan if I remember correctly) showed us 2-3 books from her most private collection, alhamdulillah!