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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

The Singapura Malay 'heritage' that is Kampung Gelam

Continued from Special treat at the tomb of Habib Nuh.

Later we went to the area of Kampung Gelam close to Singapura (Singapore) city centre where lies an old Malay ruler palace which has been converted into a heritage centre.

Once, this whole area was a traditional Malay centre of power. The Sultan (Malay ruler) who presided at the palace used to rule an empire which extends over half of Peninsular Malaysia, Singapura, the islands of Riau and parts of Sumatera.

Now it is just a favourite watering hole for party-goers and those who think the night life and liberal attitude and thoughts are the signs of high civilisation, ultimate meaning of life.

No sir. This is not the place anymore for people who cerish traditions and like to protect their people from the invasion of the capitalists and their satanic values. Instead this is a place where so-called liberal 'Sufis' would love to converge. Forget the traditional Sufis and their 'closed' traditional minds. Who needs to pray and fast right? Who needs to take care of values and modesty. Who need to mind what you eat and drink? Who needs to worry about other people trying to convert your people to their ways under the guise of democracy and pluralism. Once you 'know' God you can drink and have sex as much as possible with however you want right? Hey... let's party and 'remember' God with a bout of Kamasutra...

It is ironic to me that an area which used to be a main traditional centre of Muslim Malay power could become such a night place. It is more ironic when one of the streets is called Arab Street... when the Arabs who came to Singapura more than a century ago used to be very religious people who would risk anything to travel all over the world to spread Islam. Now the word Arab here seems to refer to the distant time of Jahiliyah, the ignorant period before Prophet Muhammad SAW came to bring them light 1,400 years ago. Then again I'm just an 'ignorant sore' person who 'don't know' what religion and Sufism is all about. Otherwise I would be drinking till I drop and try to screw every good-looking woman worth chasing right? Hehe... :]


5th_E Taib said...


pernah tahun lepas saya ke Kg Gelam dan Arab st. Mmg sedih bila melihat keadaannya kini, Masjid sepelaung, tapi belakangnya, adui....

thanks for you write up on this matter. Hope it would enlighten the younger generation of their heritage and HOW to upkeep the heritage.

Radzi Sapiee said...

Wassalam. Tu le. Apa yang berlaku di Singapura kita tidak berkuasa mengubahnya. Tetapi kita masih mampu menghalang perkara yang sama berlaku di Malaysia. Kalau kita tidak berhati2 dan memberi pihak yang tidak bertanggungjawab peluang untuk memerintah negara begitulah yang akan terjadi. Hati komunis, semua benda akan diperdagangkan. Masjid dan tempat warisan kalau dipertahankan pun sekadar jadi semacam muzium untuk tontonan ramai gitu...

Fida Anggun said...


Website dari seorang sahabat yang berhijrah ke Yaman. Minta share ye Kak Nana.


ahmad said...

Sejarah Singapura. Sang Nila Utama terjumpa seekor Singa di atas pulau. Mengambil sempena peristiwa tsb maka Singa dan Pura menjadi Singapura? Atau Temasek?

Cuba renung sejenak sekiranya peristiwa ini yang berlaku..

Zaman dahulukala sebelum manusia memerintah dunia.. dunia dipenuhi tumbuhan dan haiwan..

Raja mereka?

Di Temasek.. manusia terjumpa/ternampak seekor Singa.

Atau mungkinkah seekor Singa mengadap berjumpa manusia???