This blogspot is a medium to share my thoughts and adventures apart from promoting my books. Below are the books which have been written or authored and published by myself.

"Berpetualang ke Aceh: Mencari Diri dan Erti".

ISBN 983-42031-0-1, Jun 2006

"Berpetualang ke Aceh: Membela Syiar yang Asal"

ISBN 983-42031-1-x, May 2007

"Berpetualang ke Aceh: Sirih Pulang ke Gagang?"

ISBN 978-983-42031-2-2, November 2007

It is interesting to note that while these books were written in Malay it has gained enough attention to merit being part of the collections of the American Library of Congress and National Library of Australia. Look here and here.

While the first three books were published by my own company, the fourth titled "Rumah Azan" was published in April 2009 by a company called Karnadya with the help of the Malaysian national literary body Dewan Bahasa dan Pustaka. It features beautiful pictures along with stories behind selected mosques which could be related to the history of Islam and the Malays alongside the formation of the Malaysian nation. Look at the article A collaboration of old collegemates - the book "Rumah Azan".

My fifth book "Ahlul Bait (Family) of Rasulullah SAW and Malay Sultanates", an English translation and adaptation of the Malay book "Ahlul Bait (Keluarga) Rasulullah SAW dan Kesultanan Melayu" authored by Hj Muzaffar Mohamad and Tun Suzana Othman was published early 2010. Look here... My 5th book is out! Ahlul Bait (Family) of Rasulullah SAW and the Malay Sultanates... . For more information check out my Malay blogspot CATATAN SI MERAH SILU.

Like my fourth book "Rumah Azan", the sixth book "Kereta Api Menuju Destinasi" is also a coffee-table book which is published by the company Karnadya with the cooperation of Dewan Bahasa dan Pustaka (the main Malay literary body in Malaysia). Coming out January 2011 it features pictures and stories on the adventure travelling by train to all of Peninsular Malaysia along with the interesting places which could be reached this way.

My seventh book "Jejak keluarga Yakin : Satu sketsa sejarah" in turn is a coffee-table book which is written, editted, designed and has pictures taken by me. Coming out of the factory October 2011, this book which combines family history with history of places such as Singapura, Johor, Batu Pahat, Muar and in fact the history of the island of Java and England has been reviewed with me interviewed live in the program Selamat Pagi Malaysia at RTM1. Look at the article Siaran langsung ulasan buku "Jejak keluarga Yakin : Satu sketsa sejarah" dan temu ramah di Selamat Pagi Malaysia. Some selected contents have been featured in Sneak peek "Jejak keluarga Yakin : Satu sketsa sejarah".


The "Berpetualang ke Aceh" series of novels could be obtained in e-book form. Enter http://www.e-sentral.com/, click general novel and go to page 4. You can also type the word "Aceh" at the search box. Or click straight Book 1, Book 2 and Book 3.

Wednesday, June 03, 2020

Of knowledge and things related

Peace be upon you all. Time for me to introduce another category of compiled old articles.

This one is dedicated to the love of knowledge and things related. Compiled are articles talking about knowledge and such, articles that were written mainly to share knowledge in its many myriad forms...

A New Beginning

The Trip To Aceh

The Symbol

Kiss this!

Starry starry night

The will concerning the end-times

Why Berpetualang!

Kingdom of Perlak: The story unfolds

Achaemenid Empire (648 BCE–330 BCE)

The reason behind the fall of Melaka

Holding infinity in your hands

The Malay Annals

The tale of Keramat Kuala Bidor

The tale of Keramat Kuala Bidor 2… 

Touching a bit on the world shadow government

The return of Admiral Muhammad Amin's remains to the royal mausoleum of Perak

The Zionist Conspiracy

The Tale of Keramat Kuala Bidor 3 – And so the story goes…

A history of Aceh

Protocols of the Elders of Zion - Protocol 3

The Pangkor Treaty of 1874

Writing to let go off steam

Berpetualang ke Aceh: Membela syiar yang asal (BKA II) Coming soon! 

The book "Berpetualang ke Aceh: Membela Syiar yang Asal" (literally translated: "The trip to Aceh: Advocating the original faith")

Mathnawi I

Mathnawi II

Mathnawi III

Malfuzat - The utterances of Sheikh Abdul Qadir al-Jilani

More Malfuzat - On devoting oneself to Allah

An essay on Tok Kenali

Parliament of the birds

Sheikh Abdul Qadir al-Jilani's academic years

"Berpetualang ke Aceh" prologue 1

"Berpetualang ke Aceh" prologue 2

"Berpetualang ke Aceh" prologue 3

Some more bird-talk

Chapter 1 of "Berpetualang ke Aceh".... 

Establishing the raison d'etre

What's wrong in being different?

The whirling dervishes

A thought on the Crusade War

Gunung Semanggol... The threat from the mountains

Taiping to Kuala Kangsar... A dangerous look at Malaysian history?

In memory of Jalaluddin Rumi

The main players of the Perak-British war as depicted at the fort of Ngah Ibrahim...

In Perak's royal mausoleum to give justice to Laksamana Raja Mahkota Muhammad Amin

My own take on Perak man and what's available at the Lenggong archeological museum...

The ancient kingdom of Beruas and its ties with the more ancient kingdom of Gangganegara!

A short stop in Beruas. And a talk on Beruas' very own mysterious "Batu bersurat" or inscribed stone...

Muhammad Nafs al-Zakiya, the great grandson of Prophet Muhammad SAW once touted as the Mahdi more than 1,200 years ago!

The rumah Kutai and old articles regarding the happenings around the Pangkor Treaty of 1874

Respect for mothers

Slander brings destruction

Never say I? So the Satan advised...

The victory of Aidil Fitri

Isra' and mikhraj, the night journey of Prophet Muhammad SAW

E-mails to hell!

Prohibition from killing each other...

Zikir and fikir (remembrance and reflection)

Prohibition from deriding other religions...

Abolishing terrorism between races...

Injustice would destroy mankind

Prophet Muhammad SAW blessing for all the universe

A spontaenous poem from 1995... something on my innermost being I guess..

What is the relationship between Taming Sari and my family?

Islam recognises freedom of religion

Something on the Hijrah...

Hijrah and success...

Getting to know the Ahlul-Bait, family of Rasulullah SAW: Introduction

Getting to know the Ahlul-Bait, family of Rasulullah SAW: Siti Fatimah

Love and care for the Ahlul Bait...

The Ahlul Bait with regard to the Prophet... Siti Fatimah and her family

An example of Maulud the Sufi way

Siti Fatimah, the pious one

My 5th book is out! Ahlul Bait (Family) of Rasulullah SAW and the Malay Sultanates...

The Prophet's grandsons, Hassan and Hussein!

Celebrating the Prophet's birthday in Aceh : Maulidur Rasul, the Ahlul Bait Sultan and a legacy from old Perlak

The Tariqat of Ahlul Bait 1

he Tariqat of Ahlul Bait 2

The Tariqat of Ahlul Bait 3

The Tariqat of Ahlul Bait 4

A token from Brunei...

The Malay Islamic civilisation exhibition at Brunei's international convention centre

Stuffs from the "Al-'Ilm : Science and innovation in the Islamic world" exhibition

The Maulud and Hol of Sheikh Abdul Qadir al-Jilani at the Steel Mosque in Putrajaya

Remembering the heydays of the quaint town of Batu Arang

An art exhibition in Ampang

"Nuqtah" khat exhibition at Chandan art gallery, Damansara Heights

The seals conference and children's book festival in UM

Keris competition in Shah Alam

Taman Nurani, Garden of the Heart

Taman Nurani selected works

Maulud function at Pulau Besar

A television interview on Islamic economics and finance

An evening with the eminent Professor Syed Naquib Al-Attas

A dinner talk on "Keris Tajong"

Nuqtah exhibition at Galeri Shah Alam

How the Malays' economic dominance was usurped by the non-Malays

Global Economics and Monetary Crisis - What needs to be done?

Bitten by the Big Bad Wolf...

Bringing the Aceh guys to Pengkalan Kempas

The Aceh tombstones at Bukit Beruang

Pulau Pinang HIKMAH mission

Hol at the 'Steel Mosque'

HIKMAH group visit to the tomb of Sultanah Nahrisyah

On to the tomb of Tun Sri Lanang

Successful Aceh mission

The HIT Circle has really cometh

Talking about clash of civilisations - Words of wisdom from a 84-year old mathematician

Learning varieties of wearing the Sampin

An expo on Malay heritage at Matrade

Pusaka KL's function at Akademi Kenegaraan

Malay civilisation celebration at Ladang Alam Warisan

A foggy look at UM's Asian Arts Museum

Jumaat prayers at Baitur Rahman early 2015

Visiting the Tsunami Museum

Erecting fallen Aceh tombstones to preserve history

Maulidur Rasul celebration at tomb of Syiah Kuala

Boatmaking in progress at Pulau Duyong

What fate awaits the old mosque at Teluk Memali?

Finally. Birch and minions got what they deserve

Group visit to Beruas museum

Visit to site of Beruas ancient harbour

Convoy to Pulau Meranti

Tombs of the kings of Beruas

Converging at Johor Lama in traditional Malay attire

Group visit to Johor Lama museum

Traditional archery tournament at Kota Tinggi

Going to the Aceh booth at MATTA Fair

Convoy to Pulau Meranti

Boatmaking in progress at Pulau Duyong

Daulah Melayu" shoot at a dry village in Pasuruan

Commemorating the deeds of Wali Songo

Maulana Malik Ibrahim gallery

Silat shooting under sunset in front of Pulau Besar

Exciting discovery of old Muslim Gravestones at Kuala Lumpur's Masjed Jamek

Ebru art exhibition at UTM

The Malays : Their Origins, Migration and Travels

Architectural exhibition on 5 selected mosques at IIUM

Hol (remembrance) ceremony of Tokku Tuan Besar

Lecture and recital of the Dalail Khairat

Melaka Sultanate theme wedding at mid KL

Exhibition on Langkasuka heritage at UPM

Exhibition at UPM's Rumah Terengganu

Visit to the house of Sultan Taufik, the person said to hold the title of Daulat Pagaruyung

First actual visit to the new Istana Negara

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